For Black Women leveling up our careers so we can increase our income, forge stronger ties, and Rise

The goal is a dope career that's both financially and personally rewarding

You know there are unwritten rules to getting ahead at work that haven’t been shared. Office politics may have stopped you from applying for a higher job, or you feel unqualified because you don’t have an MBA. Even if you work at a company for a while, understanding management dynamics or office culture can be confusing.

It’s really tempting to think you need the right school, the right boss, or years of experience to take the next step in your career.

That is not true. Having a successful career and getting paid what you’re worth doesn’t depend on a different boss or another degree. It takes action. SkyRise will prepare you with a roadmap to rise.

SkyRise is a community where experienced and career-minded Black women learn and grow so that we can transform our work-life, increase our income, and pave the way for other Black women to rise with us.

Founded by Shatriece Williams who went from Compton to Corporate making $250,000 a year as a Senior Director of a software company in Santa Monica, she shares the skills she learned to get promoted, make more money, and have an impactful career.

at SkyRise, you will:

  • Create a plan to move up the ranks of corporate America 

  • Successfully navigate corporate politics, fighting bias along the way

  • Accelerate your career

  • Create clear definitions of success for yourself and your team

  • Have a plan to increase your income

  • Forge stronger ties

  • Take on bigger challenges

  • Ultimately, pave the way for other Black women to Rise with you

Do you have a Coach?

A career coach helps unlock all the secrets of managing your career. If you have a mentor, great. SkyRise will serve as an added resource, a way to cross-check whether the advice you’re getting squares with some of the latest views.

If you lack a mentor, then consider SkyRise a friendly substitute. We can take your questions when you are making a decision at work and provide a shoulder to lean on when you need it by providing practical pointers on how to handle a range of situations that you’ll no doubt face in the workplace.

When one of us rises, we all elevate.

When you become a member of SkyRise, you’ll practice taking small steps to build self confidence and consistently learn the strategies that move your career forward. You belong to a community of colleagues making career moves with the support of thoughtful, trusted members. 

Each month, you'll examine a different aspect of your career. You'll commit to making it more efficient, better organized, or more effective. We'll work together to turn your commitment into a roadmap.


What we'll work on together

Each month we introduce career strategy paired with weekly activities so you can learn, plan, do and connect. You'll update us on your progress, ask for support, and share your wins.

September - Equity, Exposure, and Communication (the New EE&C)

  • Know your worth in equity. Amplify your brand. Expand your influence

October - Project Management Playbook

  • Projects are the foundation of leadership. Your project checklist. Communicating your success!

November -  Presentations that Stick Playbook

  • Develop and deliver powerful presentations

December - Navigating Corporate America Playbook

  • Forge strong relationships. Set clear expectations. Promote your ideas.


  • Career Planning Playbook: Create your 2021 plan
  • Mentorship Playbook: launch team, cruise team, boost team
  • Equity Playbook: salary, bonuses, travel, 401K
  • Professional Confidence Playbook: blend poise, self-confidence, and style
  • Turn your Career into a Side-Hustle 

Your membership includes:

✔️SkyRise Live! Tool of the month, a live session with founder Shatriece Williams where she will present the career building strategy of the month.

✔️SkyRise Live! Monthly Career Q&A, with founder Shatriece  where we unpack the tool of the month together, and share our progress on practicing career strategies. Let's talk.

✔️Wednesday Playlist & Interview day highlight a member of the month including bonus live interview with members sharing practical pointers removing a roadblock

✔️Friendship Fridays elevate us, share good news about a friend who is on the rise, or toot your own horn with a weekly win!

✔️ Networking with successful Black Women in management positions

✔️Private, dedicated online community to learn and connect without the distractions of social media

✔️Quarterly newsletter, a chance to quickly catch up on what you've missed

Join the SkyRise community!


“I created SkyRise to be a way to empower Black women in the workplace. We face a unique challenge, often being the Only in the room. This platform allows us to learn and grow together serving as a friendly coach with practical pointers on how to handle a range of situations you will no doubt face in the workplace.”

Shatriece Williams

Founder & CEO


Our Member Results

Yanni Polk,
Educational Coach

I downloaded the SkyRise Interview Template to help me prep for a next-day interview and got so much more.

I used my five success stories to talk to my manager about a raise and stayed at my current company with a 12% increase in three months.

Shandala Monroe,
Residency Programs

After the free workshop, I found a mentor! We meet monthly with a clear path to becoming Manager of Residency Programs. 

I would never have stopped feeling intimidated without Shatriece!

SkyRise accelerated my career!

Tanya Calloway,
Area Sales Manager

I was skeptical of making an investment in career coaching but my current boss is frustrating, so I hired Shatriece to help create a structured and organized career roadmap. 

I realized the best way to communicate with my boss, create status reports that get noticed, and now my boss is recommending me for a lead sales role.

Not sure? No problem. Email us at [email protected] and we'll help you decide if SkyRise is right for you.